Michael Lewis – Certified Conscious CO-Parenting Coach

I am a father of three amazing kids, but my relationship with them was tossed into a wastebasket when I filed for divorce, and this left my world turned upside down.

I grew up the second of five boys to two amazing parents. My dad is true Texas character and I can only compare my mom to Martha Stewart but with a clean prison record. I have a lot of the traits of these two instilled in me. Much of my childhood was spent as a construction site kid, running around my father’s job sites as if the pieces of heavy equipment were oversized Tonka trucks. I’ve spent a lifetime watching my family’s business both thrive and struggle, and also experienced my own solo successes and crashes. Despite being familiar with life’s many ups and downs, nothing prepared for the devastation I felt when, during the process of my divorce, the relationship with my kids began to decline, and I felt helpless to grasp what was happening, and how to change things.

With the help and support of a few family and friends I was able to pick myself up and move forward to where I am today. And, painful as it’s been, my post-divorce journey has also helped me to understand how I was constructed as a person, why some dysfunctional things had been normalized, and where things went wrong in my childhood, even when being raised by two loving and authentic parents.

If you are struggling with the emotional pain of being alienated from your children, I know the emptiness you are experiencing. When you say, “My story sounds impossible to believe,” I get it!

I do understand what it means to walk in your shoes.

I have since left my business in the construction industry and I’m making it my mission to help families struggling with high conflict divorce and pathological parenting to repair their situations. I supply them with the tools they need to create positive change for EVERYONE.

First, through my work as a client with the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, and now as a partner, I have gained a relatable understanding of how to guide depleted, rejected families to a goal that they’ve set. I offer private coaching sessions along with guidance to several resources and programs that designed to help families in need.

If you are not directly involved in a situation involving High Conflict Divorce or Pathological Parenting, it’s still likely that you know someone affected by the pathology that can cause a child to reject a parent. Think of certain family members, friends, co-worker’s or that mom or dad at the little league field. Some of these people have endured specific traumas or rejections along life’s path that have created a seemingly inescapable and distorted new reality. I am here to help eliminate the false reality and reunite families on an even playing field. As I share my thoughts and information here, my goal will be to give hope and encouragement that they are not alone and, when they are read, to offer guidance and help shift their families to an authentic new chapter.

. If you get nothing else from me, please follow my Facebook page and blog. This arena that I’ve entered covertly surrounds us all and I am here to first stop the bleeding of those suffering but if my information can educate someone now, these type of events can be completely avoided. I am here to help the moment you are ready and want to see change.

Published by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is the founder of New Paradigm Family Solutions, a client-centered coaching practice located in Central Texas. Michael’s primary focus are moms and dads dealing with the emotional trauma of high-conflict divorce, but he’s equipped to help extended family members, too. Michael relates well to his clients; he understands personally how painful and destabilizing the process of divorce can be. Having been both a business owner and a Vice President in the construction field, he is very familiar with high-conflict personalities and demanding work environments, but none of this was preparation for the turmoil and debilitating pain he would experience from separation and divorce. It was a long and difficult process, full of trials and errors, but Michael was eventually able to turn his own trauma into a catalyst for personal change. Inspired to lessen the suffering of other parents, Michael traded in his hard hat, and now helps to guide other moms and dads toward their own transformations in the midst of chaos. Michael is certified by the International Coaching Association (ICA), and has been trained by Dorcy Pruter of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (CCPI). He collaborates with CCPI and other professionals to stabilize clients, and to create an individualized plan for each one, based upon their unique circumstances and needs.

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